waiting game

Back to the medical center this morning for fasting blood tests. After I got home I started feeling bad, though I can only describe it as feeling like my stomach is trying to get the dreaded tummy virus. Between that and new pain along my upper spine, I have been pretty useless this afternoon. Till today the pain has been mostly radiating out from the spine through the left side, but the last couple of days I have noticed some pain radiating out to the right side and then today right along the upper spine.

Other than the consult tomorrow, we are playing the waiting game: insurance approval, review of the spine views by my radiation oncologist to determine mapping of the upcoming radiation and then results from tomorrow’s consult.

Waiting is always that nebulous part of this process accompanied by my usual impatience to get to the next step, which will come soon enough, I suppose. In the meantime I am practicing my chillin’ skills; I need a lot more practice.

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3 responses to “waiting game

  1. Donna,
    I found your blog researching metastatic breast cancer after my mom’s stage IV diagnosis at the first of the year. I love to pull up your blog and see your smiling face. It gives me hope for my mom! Thoughts and prayers are with you as you find the next chapter of your treatment plan.
    Thanks for sharing your personal story!

  2. Hugs from Michigan…. Keep on dancing Donna and if your feet aren’t moving, play it over and over in your mind. My grandson’s 7 year old best friend has been living in Texas for the last few months getting a proton treatment to the brain area where they removed a large tumor in November. Chemo will start in another month. So many of our loved ones have been affected by cancer. I hope that the love you feel from your family and friends keeps that infectious smile on your face. I know what you mean about patience……the nuns never taught us that one!


  3. I wonder how many of us acquire patience as a matter of necessity, rather than having it as a native personality quirk. If I were to place money on the question, my guess is that the vast majority gain it as a learned trait, and not as a matter of choice. On the bright side, I suspect that once acquired, it does improve our quality of life. So my hope for you is that you learn it quickly and easily. Until then, I recommend learning to knit…


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