RIP Rachel Cheetham Moro of Cancer Culture Chronicles

With the recent flurry of appointments and the changes in my treatment, I learned only today of some sad news that I must share. We have lost another member of our metsisters: Rachel Cheetham Moro, an outspoken, gifted and articulate advocate for the community of metastatic breast cancer who blogged at the Cancer Culture Chronicles.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, August 2, 1970, Rachel alternately conquered and struggled with metastatic breast cancer for nine years before dancing into the light on February 6, 2012, in Red Bank, New Jersey. Her family and friends will hold a celebration of her life on Saturday, February 11, 2012, which will also be streamed live to a limited audience.

Visit Rachel’s blog for details about the memorial services and the two Rachel Cheetham Moro Memorials at Breast Cancer Action and METAvivor.

Thank you, Rachel, for touching so many lives. We will always remember you.

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