bone mets: radiation 4 of 10

Early morning the radiation oncology clinic is quiet except for the handful of employees setting up their Varian® treatment machines. Omar, my technician is preparing for his first patient of the day: guess who. By the time we start around 0720 a few other patients are arriving, and by the time I leave around 0745 the lobby is busy with patients and staff. The schedule for just the single room where I receive my treatments with RapidArc® technology is booked solid all day long. The other treatment rooms are just as busy. Every day of the week. It has an exclusive popularity all its own.

After visiting with friends who were once my colleagues before I retired to my new adventure in life, I was ready to fall asleep on the ride home in the car. That is what I did most of the afternoon after I could barely keep my eyes open. I can definitely feel the difference between the weekdays of treatment and the weekend absent treatment. For an invisible agent it sure wipes out your energy. So far no other side effects other than possibly a feeling of a dry throat.

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2 responses to “bone mets: radiation 4 of 10

  1. Hope you feel more energetic soon!

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