bone mets: radiation 7 of 10

As usual, my husband dropped me off this morning for my radiation treatment on his way to work. That means I arrive at Chao around 6:00 and have some time until my appointment at 7:15; mine is the first treatment of the day after the therapists set up the equipment and run their warmups. This morning was another beautiful sunrise that warmed the waiting room of the main lobby. UCIMC is renovating the lobby at Chao, so most of the recent mornings have been filled with the sound of bulldozers knocking out the glass and metal walls of the existing lobby. That is now complete, so this morning was, most welcoming, quietly relaxing with the warm light of the sunrise filtering into the room.

Yesterday, the fatigue was a tad lighter, and I found I was able to maintain reasonable consciousness throughout the day and into the evening. Today, I managed to stay awake through my ride home, around 10:00. When I got home, it was a crash right into bed where I slept for an hour and a half and woke up feeling slightly nauseated. The rest of the day I felt like eating only some crackers and drinking ginger ale. The crystal ginger, also, helps me with the tummy sensitivities. I am lucky that ginger has worked so well for me with my queasiness.

It will be a three-day break as Monday is a public holiday, and the radiation clinic will be closed. My last three appointments will be Tuesday through Thursday next week. So far, I have no burns at the site of radiation. The skin on my back between the shoulder blades is dry and itchy, but my husband applies lotion to that area every day, which helps instantly.

I believe I mentioned that, although I don’t know that the pain has decreased, it has not increased, and that is a marked change. So maybe that is the first indication that the radiation is succeeding in halting growth and beginning to shrink the tumor/s and reducing its pressure on the surrounding nerves. It is still obvious to me when the pain medication begins to wear off.

Above all, of course, I want the treatment to halt this progression.

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4 responses to “bone mets: radiation 7 of 10

  1. I miss our trips to UCI that we made together last year.
    I am hoping for remission and/or elimination of your tumor. I wish modern medicine had a biochemical compound that could differentiate between normal and cancerous cell and destroy the malignant ones. Or at least use stem cell technology to build an entire replacement body, where you can just plug your brain into it. Or a man/machine cyborg combination…

  2. Donna,
    Your photo with your walking “stick” says volumes. I know you’re in pain and that concerns me, for you. Hopefully on this three-day break you can rest and the radiation will kick in and give you relief.


  3. Hi Donna,
    I am glad that the pain is not getting worse. Hoping that it is reduced and halts the progression…Keeping you in prayers

  4. I am keeping my fingers – and toes (might as well, since I’m not using them for walking) – crossed for you, darling girl. I hate that we are at the point where a day where things aren’t worse is the best we can hope for – but after a day where things WERE worse, stability seems like a blessing. Aiming for a good stretch of stability seems a very reasonable, and hopefully realistic, goal. Let’s go for it…


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