bone mets: radiation holiday

With Presidents’ Day the radiology oncology clinic gave me the day off. No treatment today, and then three more days of concentrated radiation administered in a fewer number of days.

With the holiday from treatment I spent some time running away from the pain that keeps chasing me down. At least sleeping seems to help the pain medication work. Along with the restful day, needed after yesterday’s excursion at the annual pen show, I watched the wildlife sites online that have become a favorite. It is a marvelous world that we enjoy where we have the rare opportunity and privilege to peek  into the private lives of wild predatory birds and other animals. Ustream hosts many sites, and the variety runs the gamut from hummingbird nests to preserves in Africa with elephants and other large species. Listening to the sounds of the jungle is relaxing, and no doubt easier to enjoy via computer than live.

It will be an early night as tomorrow morning begins again at 4:30 am, and my body no longer springs out of bed at the first sound of that alarm.

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3 responses to “bone mets: radiation holiday

  1. You are always in my prayers, Donna. Sending you a gentle hug, ~Sandy

  2. We are thinking of you and wishing you a restful day.

  3. 4:30am? Donna! That’s downright uncivilized!


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