Xgeva 14 and exemestane 1

It was a relief to sleep past 4:30 am today, having finished my radiation treatments yesterday and being able to snooze past 6:00 am. The days of my jumping out of bed at any time are pretty much behind me now, but, especially during any of the wee dark hours of the morning. In fact, I think for all those years that I slept four to five hours a night or less, I am now making up for all of that lost sleep. In fact especially with certain treatments, I can fall asleep while sitting completely upright and have little doubt that I would sleep standing if I didn’t wobble so much.

Today, instead of radiation, I had my regular monthly appointment with my Xgeva injection at the infusion center followed by another appointment with my internal medicine doctor, my primary care physician. After all the less-than-welcome news of my progression, today was a bit of a break in bad news. My cholesterol levels were good, and both blood pressure and glucose readings were fine. She adjusted more of my blood pressure medications to reduce the impact on my kidneys, which, as I reported last month show some deficit from my cancer treatment that resulted in chronic kidney disease stage 3. My physicians all agree that it is important to reduce further negative impact on my kidneys, so they are all managing my medications and scans toward that goal. My job: to monitor my blood pressure, which can affect kidney function when it is either too high or too low. Every day is a schedule of monitoring and recording values, which I will probably need to add to my smart phone as reminders so this very tired brain can remember it all.

After waking yesterday with the worst case of nausea since my chemotherapy, I felt much better this morning. I still had the nausea but not anywhere near the degree of yesterday. The golf ball is still in the throat, but today it all seemed about the same. I am thinking that maybe it is leveling off and will soon start to diminish. I slept after we came home this afternoon, and tonight will be another early night to bed.

Finally, I received my new systemic medication, exemestane (Aromasin®), which is a pill taken once a day. Because our insurance company is requiring members of the plan to use Medco for any recurring prescription, I had to wait to receive this prescription in the mail. I was relieved to finally find it had arrived today, and, of course, have already taken my first dose.

Between the exemestane, the completed radiation and the Xgeva, I am hoping that it all will slow down the cancer and keep it from planting itself at new sites. I will go to sleep dreaming of the battle inside me and hope that the positive imagery will also prove somehow useful.

I am glad to be past the radiation treatment so that I can resume whatever is left of normalcy in my life.

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3 responses to “Xgeva 14 and exemestane 1

  1. So glad that the radiation is over and hoping that the new treatment plan will be effective. Take care of yourself.

  2. Getting back to the normalcy of life is so important. If you can’t get there for some reason, make up a new normal as you go along. Find something that brings you smiles and enjoyment even if it’s out there a bit. Any thoughts?

  3. exemestane isn’t too bad… I expect after the radiation you’ll find it a breeze! It worked for me for almost two years – I haven’t gotten more than two months out of anything else, I’m so resistant to drugs – so I’m hoping that you will get at least a couple years out of it. Good luck!!

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