easing side effects from radiation treatment

The nausea seems to be diminishing, and the golf ball in my throat is softening. I was able to eat today with much less of that feeling that food was getting caught in my throat.

The fatigue seems to be leveling off, so I am hoping that tomorrow I will start the upward rise away from the radiation treatment side effects. I have started the exemestane (Aromasin®) and do not anticipate much in the way of side effects. From others who have taken it, my impression is that it is a treatment that most would welcome. When it comes to treatment, my first priority is that it does the job and halts or at least slows down the cancer. Some side effects are worse than others, of course, and then some are not too bad until they continue increasing and then become intolerably uncomfortable. Of course, the worst side effects are those that damage major organs, like our heart, liver and kidneys, or cause negative effects on our red or white blood cell counts, our immunity and other aspects of our well being that help us overall to survive. In trying to stay as healthy as possible to continue dealing with this stupid cancer, the last thing we need is problems with our other organs or systems.

Anyway, we are halfway through the weekend, but I have thought it was Sunday for the last few hours. I must be more tired than I realized.

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One response to “easing side effects from radiation treatment

  1. Good news if the side effects are subsiding. Rest well!

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