restless leg syndrome in my arm

A day of sleep and eating oatmeal. That was my Sunday. Not bad on the oatmeal part, however, as I love thick-cut, old-fashioned oatmeal. I can barely even look at quick oats, which seem so icky and mushy. Thick oatmeal has a bite to it, especially if you avoid overcooking it. Add some flax seeds for a bit of crunch, and even without my usual dash of walnuts, it is delicious.

My pain is still hanging around, and it seems to have changed somewhat. I think I have mentioned that I have what feels like restless leg syndrome (RLS) in places other than my leg. Although, the last couple of days, it has gone from my back to my left arm to my left leg, pretty much down to the area of my upper calf. Last night it was so annoying I could hardly fall asleep. I can’t tell if the pain medication works for that or not. I ended up falling asleep maybe in spite of the RLS because of being so sleepy. Today, I felt the RLS in my forearm and in my left hip along with sharp pains in the left hip around the socket. Maybe the bone pain is from the Xgeva® doing its job. The back pain runs in a band extending from shoulder blade to shoulder blade with the right being more severe though seeming to be about the same for a few days.

Let’s see what the night brings. I hope it will be just sleep.

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