radiation recovery

This treatment with radiation did not give me any burn at all to the targeted area on my back; the most I felt was a dryness and tenderness to touch, which responded well to the aloe vera gel. Because of the region of my body (upper spine), however, I have had some other side effects that have been most uncomfortable after the treatment ended. This morning was an improvement after having a nasty bout of nausea the last few days following the nights of pain and poor sleep. The golf ball in the throat is finally getting better, so I am no longer burping and gagging even without eating or drinking. Maybe today will be the turning point.

My husband has been bringing me soup to help me deal with the soreness in the throat. When I start on something, for whatever reason, I stick with it for a while. So, for two days I ate nothing but split pea soup (fishing out some pieces of ham) and drank lots of green tea and some (diet) cream soda. Today I switched to broccoli cheese soup and orange spice tea. It was quite a treat to be able to swallow normally. No cream soda today, but I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did as I’m not much for soda.

It will feel great to get a good night’s sleep, and I am hoping that tonight will be the night. I think about people who cannot sleep night after night and wonder how uncomfortable that must be. Before cancer, I never had much of a problem falling asleep or staying asleep. In fact, after moving to the west coast in 2001, and living close to the ocean, I felt like I slept more deeply than I ever had previously. After years of being a light sleeper, I think now I could sleep through a tornado.

I think by the weekend we will be ready to celebrate Marvin’s birthday, which was yesterday. We are due for an outing to the Getty or LACMA. I am hoping to have recovered enough of my energy to venture out this weekend so we can do justice to celebrating his birthday. He certainly deserves a celebration.

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2 responses to “radiation recovery

  1. You gave yourself a goal…and something you can look forward to!! Happy Birthday to Marvin!! Rest well, and I wish you a marvelous nights sleep!

  2. I like ginger ale for my upset tummy. Cleveland’s Cotton Club brand is the best, and it tastes very similar to cream soda. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

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