weird and tingly all over and then some

The sensations from whatever is going on in my body now are just weird. Tingly and irritable, the nerves in my back, left leg and arm refuse to relax or to leave me alone. Along with the pain, it is wearing me out.

Today I woke up with the right side of my jaw feeling also tingly and numb, almost like it felt when I had shingles on my face years ago. In fact, the weird feelings are in the same place now as they were then, though I have no other signs of shingles, like the lesions. Ironically, that time, the first of the two times I have had shingles now (one since my cancer spread), the lesions broke out along a path from the middle of my chin through my ear and to the back of my head. My mouth and throat, on the right side, were filled with lesions as well. The pain was excruciating, though at first it felt like wisps of something on my face, like a bug walking along; it drove me crazy. After about a day of that came the lesions and then the pain.. It happened between a Friday during work hours through the weekend; by Monday morning it was absolutely apparent to my doctor that I had shingles on my face. Unfortunately, because the inception was past 48 hours, they could not prescribe the medication (acyclovir) that can help reduce the symptoms. I was sick for two weeks, utterly down and out of it, despite being very healthy at the time. Lucky for me: it did not trace a path up through the eye.

Whatever is going on with my face I suspect will either go away, or we will figure it out soon enough. Cancer and treatment offer such an array of symptoms that I tend to dismiss anything that does not stick around longer than a few days. The threshold of what is alarming tends to move around a lot as we make accommodation for our adjusted levels of pain and discomfort. If misery loves company, it must love cancer.

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One response to “weird and tingly all over and then some

  1. Donna,
    I look at your smiling, joyful face on your blog and am saddened and angry that breast cancer/treatment is affecting you this way. Let’s hope you don’t have shingles again. I pray you find comfort and release.


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