METAvivor needs our votes on Power Friday 3-9-12

Vote for METAvivor on Power Friday 3-9-12 and through 5-15-12

METAvivor is an organization that exists solely to support research for metastatic breast cancer. For anyone who is not clear about metastatic breast cancer, here are a few facts:

  • MBC is advanced cancer that has spread to distant organs in the body.
  • MBC is stage 4 cancer; there is no stage 5.
  • MBC is not curable.
  • MBC is responsible for all the deaths from breast cancer.
  • 40,000 women die annually in the United States alone from breast cancer that has spread, that is, metastasized, to other organs in the body.

Some organizations raise a lot of money that goes toward awareness campaigns and celebrations with pink themes. Many of us who are living in the world of metastatic breast cancer, however, believe the time has moved beyond the need for awareness of the disease. It has moved toward needing research to find ways to halt this disease so that it will stop killing women and men. The big organizations that raise millions of dollars contribute very little to research, in fact, on average, only about 3 percent toward research for treatment for metastatic breast cancer. Yet, the recurrence rate for women with stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 breast cancer is 30 percent; that is, 30 percent of women celebrating their triumph in beating “it” will face the dire fate of metastatic breast cancer.

Thus, METAvivor believes that their formula makes more sense: they believe that 30 percent of money raised for breast cancer should go directly to research for metastatic breast cancer. METAvivor raises money to help find treatment for women, like me, whose cancer mutates beyond the usefulness of a particular treatment and begins to progress again, requiring us to find another treatment that can hold back the growth for whatever length of time we can get. Each time we change to a new treatment, the awareness looms that the cancer grows stronger, making the choices for treatment fewer and less effective, until all our options are spent. Those of us who belong to metastatic breast cancer forums or support groups lose our close friends who are members of these groups every couple of weeks. It is a sad fact and cruel reminder of our own fate.

METAvivor has applied for a grant from the Pinkwell organization. Voting from the public will make it happen, and you can help by voting and by encouraging your friends to vote. Power Friday, March 9, 2012, means that every vote counts as 10 votes, so vote and share this post with your friends and colleagues via the Twitter button, Facebook button or e-mail (scroll to bottom of this post). The final day for voting is May 15, 2012.

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2 responses to “METAvivor needs our votes on Power Friday 3-9-12

  1. Donna,
    Thank you so much for today’s blog to help METAvivor win the Pink Well video competition. METAvivor needs everyone’s votes today … and then through May 15. If METAvivor recevies the most votes, it wins $50,000. 100% of that money will go into METAvivor’s 2012 metastatic breast cancer research grants. (NOTE: 100% of all donations to METAvivor go into metastatic breast cancer research unless otherwise specified by the donor. METAvivor is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom have metastatic breast cancer.) Please watch the METAvivor video when you vote. The women are telling their personal stories. They, and the other women in our photos, are members of our local support program. We thank Donna … and everyone else for their support !

  2. Thank you for the info/reminder, Donna. I wish I’d read your post on Friday – but one vote is better than none!


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