slow week to improvement

This week seemed to go rather quickly even though my body is somewhere between recovery and denial. The right side of my jaw is still numb and tingly up through my cheek, and along with the slight fever and flu-like headache, it feels like I’m trying to get a case of shingles. No rash, yet, though. I’m trying to get some rest so that whatever this is will take a hike.

Between reading, napping and calligraphy, it’s been a quiet week. I have also been playing around with some fun computer applications. I enjoy online games, of course, but these are just fun little applications to use for various projects that might benefit from a dose of silliness.

Sites just for fun

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3 responses to “slow week to improvement

  1. Hoping each passing day will be better than the day before and you will truly feel better. Thanks for posting.

  2. What interesting sites – am continually amazed and impressed with your wonderful coping skills. Many wishes for quick recovery. Love your positive attitude, but regret you are having to endure this. What grace you have, lovely person! Knowing you has enriched my life tremendously. Earlene

  3. Silliness is good – go with that. And get better soon!

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