numbness, questions and MRIs

After my treatment with radiation ended on 2-23-12 I have had some changes in the pain along with other changes of nerve sensitivity along my left side from my leg up through my left ribs and left arm. some of the pain has improved: the searing pain in the shoulder blades has diminished to an occasional and less severe version of the former. The weird feelings that I compare to restless leg syndrome have eased a bit, though they still persist randomly, less in the back but still lingering in the arm and leg.

The current issue is the numbness in my right jaw that started around March 3, making it over ten days. The numbness makes it awkward to speak at times. I have also had some nasty pain in the left hip and socket area that makes it difficult for me to stand up from time to time or to lie on my left side in bed. I had been running a fever in the 99.x range, but today it went up to 101 degrees. I still feel sick though with no particular symptoms, except a headache and random nausea, the numbness in my jaw and a constant sense of jumpiness. I am sleeping constantly as I can barely stay awake. I need to find a dentist who can look at my jaw, but, frankly, when in pain and feeling sick, making a series of phone calls with a litany of questions is less appealing than falling into a heap of slumber.

Answers will come soon enough. Yesterday I spent two hours having two MRI scans: brain and lower torso. I was so out of it that I slept while I was in the donut, requiring the technician to wake me from time to time because, apparently, I was wiggling or something in my sleep. It was the first time, too, that I did that, so I am afraid I lost my A average for my behavior during scans. Not sure who keeps that report card.

All I know is that I want to sleep constantly.

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6 responses to “numbness, questions and MRIs

  1. I am thankful that you are able to sleep. Sleeping in the donut is kinda funny to picture. Watch that fever.
    All your report cards should read A’s for Amazing.

    A gentle hug from me.

  2. Donna, treat every nap as a gift that helps build your cells back to a healthy state. Also, you have always been an A in my book, but never average.

  3. I’ll be eager to hear what the tests say. Your body’s taking a beating, that’s for sure. I imagine your oncologist knows about all of your symptoms. Sending you love and prayers.


  4. Gentle hugs all around, Kathleen

  5. You know I’m hoping for good news from those scans. Are they giving you steroids to help with the side effects?

    It sucks not being able to sleep in your preferred position, esp. when you are getting pains in other areas as well. I don’t think I could sleep at all any more if it wasn’t for my ‘adjustable bed’ (like hospital bed). Definitely worth the investment…

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