marzipan to the rescue

My mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters always send me the sweetest cheer-me-ups. When we first met, Marvin told them that I like marzipan, a confection that is not readily found here unless you buy it online. Ever since that occasion ten years ago when we married and visited Germany, they send me a special stash of marzipan from the finest confectioners any time they sense I might need a little sweet boost. Today, the mail brought me a huge batch of marzipan that should keep me happily distracted for a long while.

Thank you, Mom, Norbert, Ilona, Isabel and Nina (and, Nina, I love the dream catcher).


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3 responses to “marzipan to the rescue

  1. You deserve it ! So enjoy,

  2. Great picture of you with your “spoils.” Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Love the photo! My mother LOVED marzipan…it is delicious! So glad you are enjoying it!

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