METAvivor grant application info: take with you to your treatment center

Last night several of us in the metastatic breast cancer community participated in n online conference at Twitter. We intend to gather regularly to discuss, to plan and to implement ways of pressing forward the agenda of the MBC community. Dian “CJ” Corneliussen-James, President of METAvivor, summarized five points from our Twitter conference for what I thought was a remarkable number of attendees who were actually versed in MBC. We will regroup again, and I will keep you posted here.

  1. Promote 30 for 30 legislation for research/support.
  2. Educate on prevalence of MBC.
  3. Encourage med facilities to have MBC sprt.
  4. We’re desperate 4 more volunteers esp in the Annapolis MD area but also elsewhere.
  5. Knowing ur on our side is fantastic.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you information that you can take to your treatment center. Since METAvivor is relatively new on the scene of research support, I would guess that some researchers may not yet know that name as well as, say, Komen, ACS (American Cancer Society) or other organizations that fund research for cancer. One simple task that each of us can complete that will help spread the word about METAvivor is to print the document about the application for research funding and to take it to your treatment center. Give it to your oncologist and to anyone who might know the researchers.

The deadline for the METAvivor grant application is June 15, 2012, and this document, FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: 2012 METAvivor Research Grant, provides all the information a researcher needs to submit an application. If you have e-mail communication with your treatment center, you might also send a brief note with a request to forward your e-mail to researchers in the department or the cancer center. This is the link to the actual document, which is preferable to send than the site address; it will take the recipient straight to the information about the research grant. If they want to review the site, of course, they can do that at their leisure as well.

I plan to take several copies of the printed document with me Friday and Monday when I have several oncology consults. I also have e-mail contact with my hematology oncologist, who is the mastermind of my treatment regimen, so I will also send a copy of the document to her and my oncology nurse as well. As my regular oncologist and my radiation oncologist both conduct clinical research, I am confident that they or someone at my treatment center may be interested in applying for a METAvivor grant. Don’t delay in getting the word out because grant applications take time for researchers and their teams to complete as they typically include internal reviews.

This is one way for us to be involved that takes little effort. In fact, if you do not have a printer, take a flash drive with a PDF of the document to your treatment center. Someone on the reception staff can print the document for you or for your doctor. If you have questions, let me know. And, good luck in spreading the word about a valuable source of MBC research funding.


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One response to “METAvivor grant application info: take with you to your treatment center

  1. Thanks again, Donna – helpful info, as always!

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