UPDATE: consults tomorrow at cancer center

Tomorrow morning shortly after 8:00 am I start with appointments at Chao Cancer Center. I have one appointment after the other until around noon. I will meet also with my radiation oncologist for the consult about the cancer growing in the lumbar spine and sacrum and then with my regular, hematology, oncologist after that for our regular meeting. Between both of those appointments, I have so many questions I know it will be a marathon of information. Hope my poor brain can digest it. I don’t usually record my appointment sessions as I usually remember enough to make notes as soon as I walk out. Plus, Marvin is always there, and either he or I usually remember everything together. We somehow seem to remember what the other missed. We don’t plan that; it just happens. It is very useful when I’m freaking out. No, I am not freaking out.

Monday will be my consult with a neurology oncologist to see what is happening with the numbness in my face. I keep biting my lip so badly, today I tried to eat with my mouth in a very strange configuration that I surely cannot employ when we go out in public. I have not felt like going anywhere, however, so it has not been a problem: eating in public, that is. Besides, I am resorting to sipping my meals, so it is all soup for me.

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4 responses to “UPDATE: consults tomorrow at cancer center

  1. I’m hoping you get some answers! Sending positive energy in your direction!

  2. Hope the consults answer all your questions. Hang in there as best you can.

  3. I resort to a tape recorder & take notes. I find the recording really helpful!
    You are my warrior angel/hero, Donna.
    Sending you good karma and a hug. 🙂

  4. I hope all goes well with you Donna! {{Hugs}} and *Prayers* are coming your way!

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