day in emergency department

Last night I started running a fever, 103.6. I had pain in my lower left abdomen, though overall, with a headache and general malaise, I thought I had a virus. After x-rays, scans and other tests turns out I have an infected case of diverticulitis. How ironic. With everything else going on in my body, seems funny to have something like this especially when I eat a high fiber diet, recommended for avoiding problems with the condition. When I had my colonoscopy, the findings were mild diverticulitis. I guess it is something I need to monitor.

I am home and have been sleeping most of the evening. I have two antibiotics, but it seems I can still have my surgery next Wednesday.

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7 responses to “day in emergency department

  1. Hug’s to you Donna. XO

  2. Here’s hoping the antibiotics do the trick and you get some relief.

  3. You didn’t need this, on top of everything else. Hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Dear Donna, prayers for your recovery! (((Hugs)))

  5. Well, beef up those garbonzo bean sandwiches!!! Never would have thought this would have been an issue for you! Scary high fever for an adult and so very glad to hear you are home from the hospital!! Always thinking of you, and dancing along side!

  6. So glad you went to the ER and found out the cause! It is always easier to deal with when a name can be put to the condition. Take it easy, rest the entire body. {{HUGS}} Dear One.

  7. Emerson Rinnert

    ess commonly, an individual with diverticulitis may present with right-sided abdominal pain. This may be due to the less prevalent right-sided diverticula or a very redundant sigmoid colon. Some patients report bleeding from the rectum.-

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