postop daily routine

I start the day with a little regimen:

  • deep breathing with my incentive spirometer to help clear my lungs of fluids from the surgery; they recommend ten breaths followed by a single breath that I hold and then try to cough

Then, it’s blood glucose monitoring; this morning it was showing signs of reducing since yesterday from 300 to 268 this morning.

We made a brief journey so I could remain the car while Marvin attended to errands. It was nice to be out but still taking it easy. My blood glucose readings remain high but are coming down with the lowest today at 208. Yesterday I ate salmon, today a quiche on a bed of greens. It all agreed with my rehabilitation. I must say I exercised a great deal of restraint in resisting a favorite dessert that we both enjoy. Marvin was the sole participant in this little scavenging exercise.

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4 responses to “postop daily routine

  1. Again I always say, I send blessings galore. So good to read your notes and feel close to you. You lokok so good and what a spot… Santa Monica for a drive in the sea air… love and hugs!

  2. Glad to hear that things are going as they are. I am sure it was great to be out for reasons having nothing to do with cancerworld.

  3. Thinking of you, Donna, and missing you on the Eagle chat…hope you will be back very soon!! You do look great…

  4. Keep up the good work with the low carbing – very proud of you! And the improvement in your BG levels show that you are doing the right thing – actually, those levels are going down relatively rapidly, a very good sign.

    Aren’t those spirometers fun?! (koff, koff)

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