Xeloda 4.1 begins

I just received my new chemotherapy pill Xeloda®, which I will start taking tonight. This is the fourth chemo that I have had since all treatment for breast cancer, including primary in 2004. I am hoping the side effects will not jump up immediately and that I will have a week or so without anything significant. My dose might change as my doctor mentioned she might do something different from the usual dosage. I will find out tomorrow when I call her office. I have my stash of nausea medicines and need to get some for the other end of side effects. My husband has already gotten me some liquid food, which I have relied on in the past on chemo. It does not cause hair loss, which is little bright note amid the rest. I have gotten used to having my blonde and purple hair and would hate to lose it again.

The other significant issue is my face, which is looking more like a case of zoster sine herpete, or shingles without the rash. The pain is identical to what it was when I had shingles on my face years ago, but I do not have any of the blisters. They would have erupted by now for sure, since I started having the problem in the middle of February.

My breathing is improving, and I am sleeping a bit less though am still quite exhausted. After I finish writing, I will lie down again and take a brief nap.

My sisters have sent me some goodies, and that is a cheery note. One sent me some cotton tops, which I desperately need, and the other sent a box of Harry and David’s goodies, including their amazing pears and cheddar. Seems like I am ready for the next steps forward with my chemo. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works and kicks some major cancer a$$.

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4 responses to “Xeloda 4.1 begins

  1. Hugs Donna! My friend who went through chemo treasures her cotton tops! She has pretty bad nerve damage from the tumor they cut from her spine. Hugs to you my dear, good news that the new chemo med will let you keep your spiffy hair!

  2. Hi Donna! Glad you hear you got some goodies!
    (((Hugs))) and prayers to you sweet lady!

  3. I read your updates almost everyday, usually in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. It’s 4:12 AM now in Chicago! I just wanted you to know you’re such an inspiration to stay so positive and grateful for what you DO have. Not that I think the cancer could care less about your attitude, but your family and readers do!

  4. Oo, that Harry and David fruit is sooooo good – thank you for the reminder, I think I might order a treat for myself soon, or perhaps beg a charitable friend to send me something (since he can’t visit me any time soon, perhaps he could send a pear or two to do the work for him…)

    What liquid food does your husband get you – do you recommend it?

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