favorite iPhone apps for tracking medications

One of the challenges now for me is keeping track of all the medications I am currently taking. It is laughable that the main activity ruling my life at the moment is taking the right medication at the right time. Out of bed it’s blood pressure medications Atenolol and Benazepril along with a dose of anti-nausea and pain medications, the latter two varying depending on the current strength needed. Then, it’s the first of two daily doses of two antibiotics, Cipro and Flagyl, until that cycle ends after ten days, which should be this Thursday. Then, comes my morning dose of two doses for my cancer medications, three Xeloda chemo pills with an anti-nausea chaser.

Throughout the day I get another dose of anti-nausea and pain medications, and then after twelve hours from the first doses of both the antibiotics followed by the chemotherapy with another anti-nausea chaser. Finally, before I go to bed it’s a dose of Gabapentin for the neurological symptoms to my left side primarily, which seem to respond nicely to this anti-RLS (restless leg syndrome) medication. Last, before falling asleep it’s more pain medication and, occasionally, an Ativan (lorazepam) for anxiety, which I usually opt out of in favor of meditation. Today, I played my singing bowl for a while, and it was the loudest I have ever heard it. I was surprised the neighbors did not complain.

I don’t know how others keep track of doses of medication, but I have a few iPhone applications that my sweet geek-hubby found for me. I am currently evaluating them and have narrowed the field to two so far:

  • Pillboxie, and
  • Easy Pill

Both are simple for entering information and use graphic devices. Pillboxie allows you to choose what the pill looks like, which I find helpful and includes the option of inputting your own photo of your medication, so it looks exactly like your real pill. For some reason I tend toward that program even though Easy Pill has some other nice and simple features on the reminder side. Each scheduled time for a medication, a decent tone sounds that is distinguishable from the other text message and voice mail pings that sound regularly throughout the day.

As I rate these two programs, I will report back on the winner, if one outranks the other for me. For now, either of the two are excellent programs in terms of ease of use in adding or changing medications and in their reminders. Maybe some day we will have chips to implant that stimulate our memory centers. Until then, I will rely on my iPhone and its apps to get me through the challenges of my currently feeble memory.

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3 responses to “favorite iPhone apps for tracking medications

  1. Hi dear one… saw you on the eagle site but no talking tonight! So glad you felt like looking if not speaking much! Blessings and prayers…

  2. I’m going to ask my “geek” husband to put one of those on my phone today. Thanks for the help. Hope you have a pain-free day.

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