shaky hands: no calligraphy but still shooting—photos, that is

After spending the morning between naps and trying to write letters to friends and fighting the urge to freak out because my hand shakes so badly I can barely write longhand or calligraphy, I decided to go out on the scooter to get a breath of air freshened from the rains last night.

The shaky hands began about a month ago and have become worse, though I kept thinking that it was just early morning jitters. It does not diminish, however, during the day, and I have realized that since about two weeks ago. I am hoping the damage to the spinal cord will reverse with therapy that I begin next week, and that I will be able to write normally again.

I stopped by The Den Salon where I get my hair cut and colored; they are so friendly—Judy, Heather and Jenelle—and fun. After Jenelle washed my hair (it’s impossible for me to do by myself), I sat and chatted with them and took a few photos. I can still manage to shoot without shaking too much. Thank goodness the shaking has not yet affected that, except for maybe low-light shots; but that’s what tripods are for, anyway.

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5 responses to “shaky hands: no calligraphy but still shooting—photos, that is

  1. Wow! Look at you! 🙂 Out and about after surgery!!!! WOO HOO!

  2. Great to see that you were able to get out and about. May each day bring improvement.

  3. Donna,
    Your humor is intact, I see, and that’s great. I imagine you feel like pulling the fire alarm on a daily basis. I’m praying things even out for you.


  4. The pictures say it all, Donna. Love the visual expression of desperation here!

  5. great photos – glad that you are able to express yourself in several modes, so that you have alternatives when need drives!

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