shaky hands: exercises with Chinese therapy balls from Baoding

Until my appointment with occupational health, I am trying to do whatever seems logical to me to regain the strength in my hands so I can write again with stability. I have a silk-covered box that holds a set of Chinese metal exercise, or therapy, balls that I have had for many years; I am sure you either have a set yourself or have seen them. I have used it from time to time more for relaxation, but now I am using it with the hope that it will help my hand shakes and restore a little strength and coordination. This is one of those aspects of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that I believe helps us with various aspects of this stupid disease.

I always feel I need to participate as much as possible in helping my own healing. Granted, sometimes our own logic is misguided, but, typically, I seek professional assistance and depend on reliable sources for information. I know that I am not responsible for all that happens to me, and have certainly learned this the hard way despite my all-too-pervasive-but-flawed belief for many years that I was the main source of my own destiny. Still, as much as possible, I try to participate in my personal outcomes. Maybe the belief is more important than the actuality. Whatever the case, I will continue to give it my best effort.

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One response to “shaky hands: exercises with Chinese therapy balls from Baoding

  1. Donna, I love that you write everyday! That takes such discipline and commitment. No wonder you do what you can to help yoursef.
    Your update is always waiting for me to read with my morning coffee, ready to inspire me to go DO something, dont lie around and mope about the cancer. Keep it up…the writing, your spirit, doing what you can.

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