cleaning out my desk, escaping fires and free brass seals and wax

I have never sold anything like this on eBay before. I have these beautiful seals in the initial from my previous name, Horowitz, H, that I no longer use. In fact, I have two custom seals with both my initials and my monogram, DMH (on the seal it is DHM, with the H in the middle). The chance of finding someone who will want the H initial and, even more rare, wanting my exact initials who wants this seal is probably next to nothing. Still, I figure, I will offer it as a bonus, just in case. I simply want to give these a new home. My own stash of seals and waxes have a home in a box that I have kept with that distinguished job for some thirty years. Now, it is too crowded with new wax and a torch that I need to practice using so I don’t set myself and my desk on fire, as I tried to do the other day without apparent, and fortunate, success. Whew.

Then, I thought I might offer the seals here to my readers. I don’t want any money for them from my readers. Maybe someone has a formal event coming up in the spring or early summer, a popular time for weddings and graduations. If someone can use a brass seal, with eight sealing wax sticks thrown in for fun, the three Hs are yours. If someone also wants the DMH (DHM) seal, also, all it will take is a comment to this post.

The first comment requesting the seals wins the package. The offer expires Wednesday, May 2, 2012, at 11:59 pm.

I have a winner for the H seals and wax, and I will ship the package tomorrow.

I still have the dHm monogramed seal. I will send it to anyone who writes with a comment to this post.

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© 2004–2012 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.


3 responses to “cleaning out my desk, escaping fires and free brass seals and wax

  1. Wow, lovely seals! I would love to house them!

  2. Don’t want the seals, Donna… but I have to say…you are a PEACH!
    I love you and send you positive energy and light.
    From your sister in Chicago. BTW- last nights drawing on your post was amazeballs!

  3. No seals for me either… just saying good morning to you. Good night to me, off to bed. Blessings and love and thinking about you a lot!

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