Xeloda 4.2, week 2 and some favorite things

Xeloda® week 2 began today. I take two doses, each twelve hours apart. The instructions are to take the dose with water and with a meal, so after breakfast comes dose 1 followed 12 hours later by a snack at 8:00 pm and dose 2 per my reminder from PillBoxie. The logistics are perfect. I take a dose of antiemetic medication as well, about fifteen minutes before I take the chemo pills. So far, as they used to say, “we” are feeling good. Thank goodness no one says that any more.

I decided to share a few of my favorite things just because it’s nice to have simple pleasures:

5 6 7 8
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One response to “Xeloda 4.2, week 2 and some favorite things

  1. It is lovely to see the things that are your favorites. I hope that all goes well with the new medications. Remember to keep your hands and feet moisturized as many have told me that hand-foot syndrome can be minimized, if not avoided.

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