Xeloda 4.2.6 feet on fire

both feet set on fire ♦  every step sheer agony ♦  only relief sleep ♦

♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦ 

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© 2004–2012 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

6 responses to “Xeloda 4.2.6 feet on fire

  1. wading in the cool ocean, gentle breezes, toes sinking into the cool wet sand. A fighting conch is hurled up against your leg from the waves as it tosses shells now empty of their residents, feel the salt spray as it brings relief.
    Lakes side sitting on a rock, sun on your face toes dipped in the very cool clear waters. An eagle soars just over head, round and round as it spots it’s pray just below the surface. Warm face, cool feet alive with nature.
    Sleep well Donna

  2. Bless Shelley for her meditation.I pray it helps.
    Thinking of you so very often, ~Sandy

  3. If sleep is your only relief, then here’s wishing you LOTS of it.

  4. Cindy Deutschmann

    Donna think of you everyday when I’m on Decorah site. Prayers for you always that God will place His healing hands upon you.

  5. When I had hand foot syndrome, I used a rose water henna paste and it seemed to help. Just go to an Indian supply store and buy pure fresh henna powder.

  6. A bag of frozen peas, Donna… it works!

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