URGENT one last day to vote for METAvivor’s entry in Pinkwell

As you may have noticed, I have been reminding everyone to vote for METAvivor’s entry in the Pinkwell Challenge for an award of more than a hundred thousand dollars. That money would benefit the metastatic breast cancer (MBC) community because METAvivor plans to commit 100 percent of an award from Pinkwell toward research for MBC.

Please read my post again. Metastatic breast cancer still confuses many people who mistakenly believe that it is a debilitating and maybe degenerative disease that we can beat with a good attitude and chemo. No one beats metastatic breast cancer. It is stage 4 (IV) cancer that takes most within a couple to five years of its diagnosis; some last longer but not enough. We need answers and solutions. We are all ages from very young to fifties, sixties and beyond, and we want to live to see our families grow and to enjoy our own old age. We see our friends dying at a rate that breaks our hearts and scares the hell out of us as we cope with the effects of both the cancer as it progresses and the side effects of the treatment.

Please support us as friends who are aware by supporting the organization/s that  help to find solutions that will extend our lives while the fight by researchers, scientists, physicians and contributors seek ways to stop this disease. METAvivor seeks support to do just that: fund sources that will find solutions to extend life and to stop this disease in its tracks.

Please vote now and on 5/15/12.

Please . . .

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