preparing for Xeloda 4.3

assembling an / arsenal of ointments and pastes / for my next chemo
starting sunday night / feet slathered with cream i will / place them on ice packs
whether henna paste / udder cream or Eucerin / i will drench these feet
i am confident / suggestions will save the day / thanks to my readers
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© 2004–2012 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

3 responses to “preparing for Xeloda 4.3

  1. I used Cortizone 10. feet and hands were raw and skin peeling like a bad burn

  2. Valerie Kaeppler

    Donna I used the ice packs/cold washcloth’s frozen. The severe pain didn’t last too very long. Went thru allot of large band aids as well as knuckle band aids for all the spots that peeled off. As to creams I use a it e cream from SAMs and emu oil(for which I was given by a friend). It really does heal and I use it all over still.
    I was on pill form Xeloda that started out high and was dropped/adjusted a couple times. Got about a year from it, my longest drug yet.
    Oh and those aloe infused socks are so soft on your feet too.
    Good luck Donna and hugs!
    (also on BCMets)

  3. Good luck on xeloda. Just got back from buying same creams. Will start in a week.


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