Xgeva 17, Xeloda 2 break ends and a solar eclipse

My regular appointment at the UCIMC infusion center went without a hitch. They are as busy as ever with every chair in every cubicle filled. You would think they were giving away freebies, though I’m not sure who would be coming in for anything free having to do with cancer. Still, with all the frenzy, the staff are chipper and efficient, checking and rechecking. Julie, the tech who usually handles my vitals and escorts me to my assigned chair, often number 5—is this perhaps a lucky number for me—is always smiling and full of good cheer. My two nurses took care of my Xgeva® injection to my tummy and my blood draws so quickly I hardly had time to chat with the new volunteer who brought me a bottle of water.

Today I am preparing with all of the accoutrements, ice packs to cool and henna to make a paste that is supposed to soothe by its cooling properties and Eucerin®, to keep my feet moisturized, to help avoid hand-foot syndrome. I hope that by starting in advance with application of the various remedies, it will stave off the possible onslaught. I know this time I will not be putting my feet in any hot water baths nor inside any stockings, no matter how soft.

Aside from shopping for the array of remedies for my feet, we ended the weekend with observation of the annular solar eclipse by the moon. It was not a total eclipse, called a ring of fire eclipse, and here in southern California the sun was down to a slim crescent on the viewer’s left side as the crescent moved around the top and over the moon, which darkened the rest of the sun. Our best view was right around 1838 PCT, so Marvin and I were out there from about 6:30 to after 7:00 pm. I had my cardboard with a pinhole, and Marvin, who is a professional photographer, had a camera and appropriate accessories to shoot photos of the sun as it went through the phases of the eclipse. He was out there for nearly an hour and took many photos. I saved you all from viewing any photos I might have taken of a tiny shadow and crescent highlight on a pale wall. I was glad I was able to view it, even the old-fashioned way and didn’t need to share that. There will be many professional photos available for everyone that will be much better than many of us would have shot poorly with our hand-held cameras and phones.

What a nice way to end the Long Beach pride weekend. Though I could not attend the events, the spirit of pride was with us all, and somehow it seemed right that the historical eclipse closed the pride weekend here in Long Beach.

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One response to “Xgeva 17, Xeloda 2 break ends and a solar eclipse

  1. How like you to brave the hard things and concentrate on the beautiful!

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