Xeloda 4.3.1 and icing feet for SE preventioin

It was an afternoon with OT and PT and then sound sleep for about two hours. I am not sure if the OT and PT or the new dose of chemo induced the sound sleep that was hard to shake, but I am still having a hard time staying awake.

 For my doses of Xeloda® this week I placed my feet on ice for about 20 minutes before I took my pills. Although not a proven technique, applying ice purportedly helps to prevent some side effects, such as hair loss, by constricting blood vessels during the delivery of the chemotherapy. As Xeloda is an oral medication and thus goes through the digestive system rather than the blood vessels, it probably does not follow exactly the same principle of prevention as infusion-delivered chemo. But, I am willing to take a chance that in some way, applying ice prior to my dose of chemo by mouth might just help to prevent or to reduce the effects of hand-foot syndrome. Icing down the feet is not the most pleasant task, but it’s not the worst; and it’s a lot easier to take than the pain of hand-foot syndrome. So, why not, as long as it doesn’t do harm.

OT is progressing with my picking up tiny items and placing them into receptacles. Some exercises work the dexterity of my fingers that control fine coordination (thumb through the third finger), and others work the five fingers on each hand. In PT we are working on stretching the muscles in the chest area and, on balance, strengthening the rhomboids and trapezius muscles in the back. My posture has suffered, apparently, from my scooting as the handlebars on the scooter are a bit too far, causing me to reach forward and continuously occupy a posture with rounded shoulders. I use bands and do various other exercises and use my cane as a handy device for lifting and strengthening the muscles of the shoulder cap, the deltoids. By the time I finish with the gentle exercises, I can really feel it, and my body is ready for a nap. When I got home, it took no time for me to fall into a deep sleep.

It feels good to be doing something active to work against the evils of this disease. I like that I am doing exercises to help and am also trying some therapy for the side effects that I hope will work. I will keep you posted.

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6 responses to “Xeloda 4.3.1 and icing feet for SE preventioin

  1. I’m sure it is a combo of the chemo and PT. I am always ready for a nap after my therapy but no worries. Get as much rest as you need. Sleep heals the body. I have slept more than ever before with my cancer and I used to feel guilty. Then I stopped and allowed myself to get the rest. My PT is to get me up and walking again as the cancer spread to my bones and caused fractures. I’m making progress. I hope the Xeloda works for you and do whatever works for that hand foot dryness. Do you rinse to prevent mouth sores? I recommend Biotene as an alt to peroxide and water. You take care and hang in there.

  2. Please visit my special FB page if you ever have a minute :https://www.facebook.com/KateKancerPage

  3. A friend of mine had the same feet on fire response and she had some relief with the ice-ing her feet! I hope that you do too! Sounds like the OT and PT are really going great! Yes!

  4. Once again, I’m delighted you’re writing more and am hoping this means you have more mobility.


  5. Positive energy with Lots of Love and Big (((HUGS))) coming to you from Texas….oh how I wish I could do more!

  6. Thinking of you Donna, so impressed that you are up to exercising. Good for you and your hard work. Hope the ice helps. Love and Hug’s to you

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