Xeloda 4.3.5 ready for the holiday weekend

With the holiday weekend here it is nice to think about about activities that have been waiting for the first good weekend. We have not been to the Getty in a while, so I am hoping that with my new arsenal of remedies for the hand-foot syndrome we can get out of the loft and out to one of our favorite art museums.

Today I used my ice sheets and applied cortisone cream. In addition, I made sure I took Tylenol® regularly. You would think that taking pain medication would zap any kind of pain anywhere. Not so. when I get a headache, or, now, with the hand-foot syndrome, the Tramadol® does nothing for that pain. I must resort to Tylenol; I cannot take any more of the NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) because of my compromised kidneys, so it’s always acetaminophen for everything other than the cancer-caused pain. I feel sure that I can make a trip somewhere as long as I can avoid pressure on my feet.

Whatever you do this weekend, please make it a safe weekend. And, don’t forget that the weekend in the US is about remembering the men and women who have fought for our country. If someone in your family deserves honor for serving, be sure to remember him or her. 

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