Xeloda 4.3.6 and a speedy computer

Besides being a professional photographer, my husband is also a full-time computer geek for a living; he keeps my cameras and computer equipment, along with gadgets, up to date and running smooth. That means from time to time he revamps my computer to reinstall the operating system and other programs, and this results in a computer that feels like new. After he worked on it only a few hours today, he has essentially saved himself from my rantings and ravings for a while now. Hmmm, now that I think about it, that is probably why he keeps all of my gadgets working so well . . . Anyway, I’m a happy camper with my lightning speed computer (a MacBook, a couple of years old). Now, I can manipulate photos and other documents and upload and download in a jiffy. I think I have mentioned my lack of patience, and that trait follows my computer use from power up to nightfall. I think hubby is happy now that my system is in top shape again.

That’s better than I can say for me, though the cortisone cream seems to help, along with the Tylenol. So far, those two seem the best at keep the severe pain of the hand-foot syndrome at bay. All I need now is a comfy and soft pair of slippers as the only thing I usually wear around the house are Havanas, which leave a bit to be desired in the comfort zone when the HFS kicks in. Maybe a little shopping is in order this weekend.

Again, wherever you’re going, be safe, and remember our Vets.

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2 responses to “Xeloda 4.3.6 and a speedy computer

  1. Wow- I have to bug my neighbor, John, when my pc makes me crazy. Sometimes I think he cringes when he hears my voice. But he generously comes through time and again.
    I am sad that you have to endure this HFS. I had a similar cocktail for the last half of my chemo bit it was infused. I wore the freezer pack booties & gloves and they worked for me. How long will you be on this drug?


  2. Oh I really wish we lived closer…I have a Mac and really know very little about it. I know it can and will do so much more and easier ways to do what I’m doing on it. One day I hope to know more. Go out and find those really soft slippers, you deserve them. So glad you are getting a little relief from the HFS. Hugs and a big Smile with a lot of love and positive energy coming your way! Love, Cordelia

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