Xeloda break and a time to remember

With Memorial Day’s focus on those we have lost to war, I have been thinking about my dad who fought in World War II. We are losing the survivors rapidly as that generation passes well into their ninetieth decade. Dad danced into the light 4/25/10, and not a day passes that I don’t think of him and his music or the stories that he used to share about when he came home from the service. He never much liked talking about active duty, and the letters he wrote his fiancée Mom while he was in the service contained little detail that was not blacked out by Army personnel before going into the mail. I miss him a lot, especially on long weekends, and especially Memorial Day weekend, when our family never failed to get together.

It reminds me that we are losing others, too, who are fighting a battle. Fighting a battle to stay alive and stay focused on anything positive in their lives amid the pain and discomfort of stage 4 cancer and its array of often harsh and toxic treatments. I keep a list of those whom we have lost to breast cancer, and I hope that you will take a moment to visit the list to review it and to send me a name of someone you know who danced into the light.

While part of the weekend was sobering in reminding us to remember those whom we have lost to battles, it was also joyful for those of us who remain to celebrate their lives and all they represented. Whether they fought for our freedom or they fought for their own need to continue living, let’s always remember them with the love we felt for them when they were part of our daily lives. We must never forget those who meant so much to us.

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2 responses to “Xeloda break and a time to remember

  1. Bless you Donna! My Aunt, Ruth Daily, danced into the light in April of 2008. Thank you for your strength, and courage dear Lady!

  2. My WWII vet husband had his 90th birthday in April. He is well and strong and still as handsome as when we married almost 64 years ago. He’s gunning to be the last one alive and I’m pulling for him.

    My list is breast cancer deaths is long, long, long. Too long to take the time to send, I’m afraid. Good for you for all the good information you provide. And I’m praying for comfort and courage for you.

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