Point Fermin in San Pedro

With the holiday weekend following a week of chemo, our activity for the weekend needed to minimize walking. We decided on a short drive up the coast to San Pedro where we stopped at the Point Fermin Lighthouse and park. Along with visiting the historic landmark, we grabbed a bite at Walker’s  Café popular with locals and with bike clubs for its no-nonsense food and great personal service. Something about being close to the sea never fails to stir the appetite. It probably didn’t help, either, that practically everyone in the park was living up to the weekend’s reputation for cooking on the barbeque grill.

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3 responses to “Point Fermin in San Pedro

  1. I love lighthouses. I will have to visit this lovely one soon. Glad you felt well enough to get out this weekend.

  2. Lovely pictures. Reminded me of our many visits to the coast when our middle son was getting his Ph.D. at UC-Berkeley. Thanks for sharing! And I do hope you are feeling some better.

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