Xeloda 4.4.2 dance just for us

As I choreograph with my walker and my cane, I wonder how many people who have cancer would like to join me in some gentle movement with some good music. Ironically, years before cancer moved into my life, I taught movement classes for the American Cancer Society’s I Can Cope program run by an oncology nurse at a hospital in Cleveland. I taught movement for the wide range of cancer survivors who were either actively being treated or were in remission. The range of activity was broad, and I created a program that served that wide range. Now, I would like to do the same thing again, but I find that the local groups think that because I have advanced cancer, I am in no shape to run a class. Of course, they don’t know me, and that is the first hurdle.

I know I can do it. I know I am not able to do class on any given day, but I know when I’m having good days I can actually go through the movements I have choreographed. On bad days I can sit and talk my way through any routine. When I was in rehabilitation at St. Edna in 2009, I choreographed a routine for the staff there while I myself did all of it in a sitting position. When you have taught dance your whole life, you can pretty much teach while standing on your head.

Maybe it is time to approach the local dance studios and ACS to find out whether they might like to sponsor an event that would have other aspects but could include this light-weight activity session. I know that dance therapy is a rare find in any facility because the demand is fairly low. But a session like this, say, every other month or so might be a welcome addition to many who still feel that they would like to experience the rhythm of the music without needing to move their bodies in ways that are too stressful or strenuous. Who else understands this more than someone else going through it.

I have a lot of thinking and planning to do.

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3 responses to “Xeloda 4.4.2 dance just for us

  1. Do it, Donna. Just go ahead and plow forward and make it happen. I would love to do something like this…maybe once a week. Something to look forward to. Perhaps you could train with someone who shared the passion and could share the load with you on those days you weren’t up to it. They could learn your routines and your vision.

    Oh, to be closer to you in California would be nice on so many levels.
    Suzanne Zaccone
    Your sister in Chicago

  2. Just love your blog and your spirit. You always look forward and dream/plan for a future. So inspiring! I’d take your dance class if I lived closer!

  3. I say go for it!

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