Xeloda 4.4.7 and losing our beloved Ellen Moskowitz

The last few days were like a dream. Spending time with a friend whom I have not seen in too long a while in a relaxing and luxurious setting was as good as it gets. My hand-foot syndrome conveniently took a break, making me believe, at least temporarily, that my body was getting used to the chemo and becoming immune to HFS. It returned yesterday, however, by the evening and into today, making me return to the usual schedule of caring for my feet with unfettered attention. I have been soaking them in Dr. Teal’s lavender epsom salts which seems to help like the ice does because it not only cools the burning, it softens the skin, important in keeping the skin intact. This morning and through the early afternoon while taking care of my feet with lotions after the epsom-salt soak, I watched the French Open until Nadal and Djokovic had to quit mid-play because of the rain. I believe they will be completing the match tomorrow morning.

Sad news again comes our way as the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network mourns the death of another valuable member of their team, Ellen Moskowitz, on June 7, 2012, after ten years of living with metastatic breast cancer. Having lost Suzanne Hebert recently, it is another heartbreaking loss as Moskowitz was a cherished member  of the MBC community who was also part of MBCN from its early days in 2004. Moskowitz was responsible for many important business achievements for MBCN, including the successful lobbying for National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day on October 13 and a number of conferences. She was one of those people who gave members her energy and enthusiasm and filled many of us personally with hope that we could look forward to solutions to metastatic breast cancer because MBCN was working tirelessly to invest in research. When she stepped down from the presidency in 2010 after four years, it was a sad day for us who missed her constant presence but a realization for us that she needed to make her own life a higher priority. Here is yet another lively, fun and positive human being who made every day mean something to so many of us. I personally mourn the loss of her presence and offer condolences to her family and all her friends.

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