napping and basking in last week’s serendipity

The fatigue from cancer and the treatment still surprises me as I find myself wondering how I can feel so tired from doing so little. An afternoon at the medical center is enough to wipe me out for not just the remainder of that day but the next day as well. Today, having woke up early with my husband who accompanies me downstairs before leaving for work around 5:30 am, I spent most of the morning and early afternoon being lazy. I slept in one- to two-hour spells off and on the entire time until finally gathering enough energy to get to the computer. My feet and hands are doing well, but my eyes are still overflowing with an over-production of tears and driving me crazy. Still, as I mentioned, between the hand-foot syndrome and the watery eyes, I will take the watery eyes any day.

Last week I spent time with a good friend. Maybe I am feeling lingering serendipity from that stay, which is causing me to be lazy now in trying to return to reality. At least I have some photos that will remind me of the laughs we shared in a setting that surrounded us with Italian architecture and fig and olive trees outside our room. I don’t remember a time that I felt so far away from cancer and so very pampered. Thank you, dear beautiful friend.

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4 responses to “napping and basking in last week’s serendipity

  1. Beautiful pictures, Donna. Thank God for good friends.

  2. What a beautiful place and a wonderful friend. Use those images to meditate on when things get tough.

  3. How very lovely, in every way.

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