Dr. Susan Love’s diagnosis of leukemia

Dr. Susan Love sent out an announcement today and blogged with some unwelcome news: she recently received a diagnosis of leukemia and will be taking a hiatus from her position at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation for a number of months. According to her message, while the work she performs will continue under the direction of the Executive Director Naz Sykes and the board of directors, Love will be absent until she completes her course of treatment.

Her research foundation will feel her loss though I suspect that her team will continue in Love’s absence to uphold the goals and direction that she champions with constant devotion. If you want to send a personal note to her, go to her blog entry and leave a comment. I am sad to learn that Susan Love has received this diagnosis but know that like so many of those who follow her tireless work toward finding the cause of breast cancer and who study her Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, she will cope with this temporary setback with the kind of zeal that she applies to all that she does. I am sure I can speak for many of us who wish her a successful course of treatment and look forward to seeing her healthy and ready for action again with her characteristic vibrant and caring style. We love you, Susan Love.

A message from Dr. Susan Love 6-13-12

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3 responses to “Dr. Susan Love’s diagnosis of leukemia

  1. Yes, Donna. I was so upset last night when I got a message about this… and I am still walking around in a state of disbelief. I’m with you in my unwavering support and love for Susan Love and her entire staff. Hope you are feeling well… and much love to you, my friend.


  2. steve bluestein

    I met Dr. Love many years ago when my mother had a breast cancer scare. I sat in the office with Dr Love as she painstakingly described to me what was going on with my mother. As I sat there I thought, what a perfect name for such a wonderful doctor. I am saddened by the news that she is under the weather and will keep her in my prayers. The world needs more love… the world needs more people like Dr. Love.

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