remembering our metsters

I have written before that it feels important to me to keep remembrances of those who have danced into the light, so I created a list and post it here at my blog regularly. It feels like a way to visit and think about someone whom we have lost from time to time so that we can keep them close to us after they have danced into the light.

It also seems important to me to keep a list of the blogs that some of our metsters have left and their families have allowed to continue. You will find the blog links in the list of those who danced into the light as well. Someone asked me why someone’s family would want to keep a blog up even after someone passed. I answered that it was like a photograph that you keep and enjoy far beyond the time of the event that rekindles the memories you had of a person. A blog does the same for me. I visit the blogs of those who are dancing with angels because it gives me the opportunity to feel a kind of closeness, different from before but still viable, with that person and helps me to relive a  moment that made us laugh or cry at the time.

In honor of my metsters who have danced into the light I will continue to keep their memory alive here and hope you will visit from time to time to honor them.

To Eileen, Ellen, Suzanne, Kathleen and all the others whose contributions to our lives made such an impact. We love all of you.

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