occupational and physical therapy: final appointments

Last day for my occupational and physical therapy, though I still have some time for more occupational therapy. We are going to take a break because it is hard for me to get a ride every week to the medical center. A friend has been taking me every week, and this will give her a break while I continue to work on my exercises to strengthen my right hand. My therapists noted the results of the therapy from the past few weeks, and both recorded improvements. I can definitely feel the difference, so I think it was worth the time. I know I want to continue making improvements especially to my right hand so that my handwriting becomes better. It would be nice if it could get back to what it was before the damage to the spinal cord, so I will continue to work with the exercises regularly. According to my therapists, I can continue to make progress up through maybe a year from the time the damage occurred, which would be probably around February. That means I should continue doing the exercises up until February 2013. Although that seems like a long time away, I think the time goes fast when it comes to doing therapy as it seemed like the past six weeks went by with a zing. I am glad that my keyboard activity remains unaffacted as does my calligraphy. The worst effect seems to be on my handwriting because I write small, normally, and the control is the worst with the smaller, finer movements of the right hand and fingers.

I have been soaking my feet regularly and applying the Avon® antiseptic heel cream, and that gave me some good relief today while I went for my therapy appointments, which take up most of the afternoon. I put light-weight cotton socks over my feet and wore sandals, and that kept my feet comfortable and prevented a mess in my shoes from the constant peeling of the skin on my feet. At least I was pretty comfortable through the afternoon, and I expect that the symptoms will be waning now that I am on the first day of my chemo break. Yay.

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3 responses to “occupational and physical therapy: final appointments

  1. Each time I read what you are experiencing, I want to scream. Good cancer? It upsets me to hear that to begin with and it upsets me more when I read about the treatments and how difficult it is. You’re in my thoughts Each and Every DAY.
    Big hugs…

  2. Donna,
    I agree with AnneMarie about everything. I hate the fact that you’re having to endure this torture.

    Sending you love and prayers, daily,

  3. Why does this have to be SO hard???? :,(
    I am “with you” every day.

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