making the most of the good days

walking is all new / my scooter wheels are my feet / with it we go far 
♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦   

As soon as the side effects from Xeloda© subside, I cannot bear to stay inside. Then, I try to get out as much and as often as I can until the cycle begins again. Today I set out to scoot around town with my camera and then run, er, scoot, a few errands. It was a perfect summer day here with the sun bright, the skies radiantly blue and the ocean breeze soft as a whisper coming in little wisps that cool you off as soon as the sun starts feeling a bit too warm. 

I love going to the marina downtown, so I took the little free red bus to Shoreline Village, which was bustling with tourists and residents taking the day off. I sat in the shade and people watched for a while as I savored a scoop of pecan praline ice cream in a small cone. It was one of those moments: remarkable in its utter simplicity. Then, I scooted down the bike path that runs alongside the bay leading to the open sea. The Queen Mary sits proudly across the channel providing a perfect backdrop for the myriad sea craft coming and going from the harbor. On the other side of the path and parking area the marina water reflects the masts and La Riviera in the distance.
As I started scooting back, I noticed the recently familiar and unwelcome signs of a draining battery. I managed to get home without any incident, like the one a month ago, but I was unable to finish the day with the errands I’d hope to do on my way home. As it was, the battery started draining faster, causing me to scoot slower and slower, until I finally made it in the door. Time to shop for new shoes; after all I don’t want to miss out on any days that I can go out for a walk.
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2 responses to “making the most of the good days

  1. It sounds like a lovely day. May they come more often & last longer.

  2. You live in Long Beach. Yay for you by the ocean. That sea air lifts the spirit as it is. I used to live in San Clemente until I got sick. I am now living in the high desert near Victorville. You can imagine how different that it. Just last week I got down to Dana Point though with friends and family and it was perfection. Glad you can get out and scoot around on your own. Lovely pics too. Amazing how we appreciate the simplest things now huh?

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