taking a day off from you know what

taking a day off / my heart is just not in it / i just want to play 
♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦   

I’m working on a project that took most of the day and will share tomorrow. After sufficient progress I left for my favorite salon, The Den Salon and Barbershop with the most awesome staff who take care of me with my hit-and-miss schedule. Jenelle usually does my hair, and lately Heather has been cutting it. It works out for me best to split the time between the cut and coloring as you know what is so demanding of my free time. They accommodate my wishes every time, so I got my spiffy short cut that I love so much and works out so well in terms of upkeep. I guess after being bald and going through every level of bad hair day I should not be surprised at  how happy I can get about my hair.

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3 responses to “taking a day off from you know what

  1. Picturres of the new “do” please! Love u cousin Praying for u everyday.

  2. We love you Donna! Thank you for making our day by coming in

  3. You have to take days off every now and then for your own sanity. I can’t wait until I have hair to be colored and styled. I’m currently a baldy again. If you are interested please check out my page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/KateKancerPage. It’s similar to your blog and I love people to share.

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