UPDATE: follow-up to surgery 4-18-12

smiling faces and / warm embraces touch my heart / when i need it most 
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Walking into the cancer center at a major medical center would seem as though it should feel most intimidating. For me, however, on most days that I have an appointment at the Chao Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCIMC I feel uplifted. From past experience during the time that I have been going to UCIMC for my treatment the sense of hope and wellbeing always seems to fill my thoughts more than any sense of foreboding, even on those iffy days that I know we will be discussing some frightening aspects of my treatment and prognosis.

Today was one of those uplifting days. It was my follow-up appointment with my neurology oncologist for the surgery that I had back on April 18, 2012. The results of the surgery were positive as the pain and weird neurological symptoms I was having before the surgery are now gone. The only remaining issues are the deficits in the right hand which seem to be diminishing with the help of the therapy that I will continue to do. In fact, it was amazing that in talking with my oncologist about this, I realized how many symptoms I had had that are now gone. It sure is wonderful when treatment is effective. I am really fortunate.

As always, it was good to see some of the friendly folks at the cancer center who are always forthcoming with their smiles and even hugs. I welcome all of it and hope that the various restrictive medical organizations do not interfere further with the positive relationships between clinic staff and patients. As a patient, I welcome all hugs from staff and encourage management to continue allowing this most positive and basic human exchange. I thank them every time for their warm and welcoming embraces that they willingly and sensitively share with only those who do enjoy such demonstrations.

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4 responses to “UPDATE: follow-up to surgery 4-18-12

  1. I agree-100% Keep those hugs coming.

  2. So glad the surgery was worth it.

  3. Even though it’s comforting in many ways to see our “new” family at our treatment center, they’re a family we’d like to have met under different circumstances. I’m happy some of your symptoms have stopped. I know it’s been an ordeal for you.


  4. Valerie Kaeppler

    So very glad the surgery has worked so well!

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