Xeloda 4.7.1: starting new cycle with Aquaphor

For Xeloda’s® well known hand-foot syndrome I have tried various ointments and creams to deal with both the burning pain and the messy and unsightly peeling on my feet and my hands. I often resort to wearing socks with my sandals to deal with it, but my hands shed, also, and that’s a hassle. I know that several people have told me to use Aquaphor®, which is a really thick and, basically, greasy ointment that comes in a tube and in a jar for around $30. I have resisted because I really detest greasy formulations, especially at that price, but this weekend I broke down and bought some. It is made by Eucerin®, another lotion in my hand-foot arsenal because it has an anti-itch formula which helps my hands on the days my palms are driving me crazy with itching.

I have now used Aquaphor for a couple of days and have had good results. The skin on my hands has been tight and peeling constantly until I applied the cream one night and slept with them covered up by white cotton gloves. It helped tremendously to the extent that the next day the skin was actually pliable again. The serious aspect for me of wearing gloves is not being able to use my fingers on my touch screens on my iPad and iPhone, but, surprisingly, it was not a problem. A naked finger touch is a bit more reactive on a screen, but the material on the gloves is thin enough to allow enough interaction with the screen sensors. I don’t like sleeping with socks in the summer, so some days I just wear fluffy cotton athletic socks over the ointment for a few hours during the day, which is almost as effective as doing that overnight.

Anyway, I hope this will make a difference as I start my new cycle of Xeloda. Will keep you posted.

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4 responses to “Xeloda 4.7.1: starting new cycle with Aquaphor

  1. Donna – go to Radio Shack or Sears and you can get a pointer with a little rubber contact that is perfect for iPad and iPhone screens. You can also get one larger at Bracketron.com

    • Hey Suzanne,

      Thanks for the note. I do have one of those, but when I go to bed, I tend to drop it and lose it in the bed and then find it only after rolling over it LOL in the middle of the night.

      Hope you are doing well. It’s great to hear from you. My eyes are tearing so bad tonight from this darned chemo that I’m crying buckets as I write this happy little note LOL. Are you staying cool in the record heat that I hear is melting most of the midwest and east cost? We are the only ones who have had pretty much normal summer temperatures, and I’m glad for that. It sure makes unbearable to have that punishing heat that so many have been experiencing.

      Love and hugs, Donna

  2. Valerie Kaeppler

    Donna I am so glad you are getting some relief w/the aquaphor. I too hate the thick, greasy creams. I also used a combo during the time I was n Xeloda. I needed the higher dose but just couldn’t stay on it. My hands and feet just peeled and peeled raw too much. I have considered asking to be put back on it as I’m sure that is what got rid of my pleural effusion (?) . Now I am dealing w/ bad neuropathy in me fingers and feet from Navelbine. I hate it just as much. It’s been stopped and now on Herceptin which is pretty easy, but I know he wanted to add Navelbine back in but like you I need to feel my hands and feet!
    I use a stylus for my phone and keep it attached generally to it. Got mine cheap on amazon, $5. Should buy a pack of 3!!
    I’m pulling for you big time in dealing w/ this and all you have endured so far. Xoxo. Valerie

  3. I got the numbness from Navelbine too. It didn’t work for me but I still have traces of the numbnes left. Annoying. Donna, when I was on Xeloda the pharmacy included a tube of Udder cream that was vey soothing. Forgive me if you tried that already; I haven’t read all of your posts on Xeloda. I wasn’t on it very long but luckily I never got what you are experiencing. Eucerin is a good brand, even for their regular lotions so I hope it does the trick.

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