ASCO launches prototype of CancerLinQ

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the leading organization for oncologists and oncology researchers in the United States, has announced that together with Sapient, a leader in health care technology, they are creating a prototype tool, CancerLinQ, to collect and analyze information from medical records of breast cancer patients throughout the country. Oncology studies are more and more embracing the idea of treating patients more individually by learning more about a patient’s cancer and healthy cell mutations. Molecular studies, like the kind that cost around ten thousand dollars, affordable to few, might help oncologists treat us on a more individualized basis. This could be the first step toward making studies of cancer subtypes more available to all patients. Further, identifying molecular changes that can be grouped might lead to significant changes in the way treatments, old and new, are administered. When one reads about the vast medical territory that needs to be studied in order to improve the chances of finding the cause and finding treatment options for the thousands who have stage 4 cancer, this kind of advance for collecting and analyzing data seems to be a major step in the right direction.

ASCO Begins First Phase of CancerLinQ, the Development of a Prototype of a Breast Cancer-Specific Rapid Learning System 7-17-12

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One response to “ASCO launches prototype of CancerLinQ

  1. I’m with you, Donna. This is a MAJOR step in the right direction! With computers able to process tremendous amounts of data in nanoseconds, this is a great way to shift the focus a bit and perhaps see a leap in progress.

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