weekly chats on breast cancer at TweetChat

Did you know that Dr. Deanna Attai, a surgeon and advocate for breast cancer patients, hosts an online weekly discussion on various topics? You can join in the discussions, which range over a broad spectrum of issues affecting most women with breast cancer. She announces the topic in advance on Twitter, and anyone can join in the conversation. It usually attracts a good group who are interested in lively online discussion. The last two sessions discussed the weird stuff people say to you and survivor guilt.

To learn more, follow Attai:

To join the discussion on Monday evenings 6:00 pm PT (9:00 pm ET), sign on:

  1. go to TweetChat.com
  2. sign in with your Twitter ID (if you do not have a Twitter ID, you can easily create one though you might want to do this in advance)
  3. find the hashtag BCSM (#BCSM)
  4. your browser will display the chat site so you can join in
  5. say hi—I’m danceswithpens on Twitter

Hope to find you at one of the upcoming chats.

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5 responses to “weekly chats on breast cancer at TweetChat

  1. Ahhh, Donna…. it was a THRILL to see your name pop into that tweet stream!

    Hugs and love….

  2. Hi – I read all the chats the next morning but despite chronic insomnia it’s slap bang in the middle of the night here in England so virtually impossible to join in 😦 So almost feeling a part of #bcsm

  3. Thanks Donna for the step by step. I have been wanting to join in but I forget and I wasn’t sure how to participate. I’m going to shoot for next Monday if I can. My twitter is @redlioness8. I’m going to follow the dr. and you right mow. I already follow Annemarie and some of the others,

  4. Silly me, I was already following you

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