PAID SURVEY treated with Herceptin, living in Chicago or Iselin

METAvivor posted on Facebook information about a survey for anyone in the geographic areas of either Chicago, Illinois, or Iselin, New Jersey, who is HER2 positive, has MBC and has taken Herceptin. Here is a repost of that information. Please share this post with other women to pass the word.

————-posted from METAvivor—————–

Here is another opportunity for HER2+ MBC patients to earn $175 if they live near Chicago IL or Iselin NJ.

If you are HER2+ and have MBC and have at some point taken, or are currently taking Herceptin … and if you wish to, and can, participate in a one-hour, personal interview on Thursday, Aug 2 in Iselin NJ or on Wednesday Aug 8 in Chicago … then please contact Jane Walker of RC Horowitz & Co. at 888-392-5000.

If you apply, please mention that you were referred by METAvivor, and RC Horowitz & Co. will make a donation to METAvivor for the referral. All monies received by METAvivor will go into the METAvivor research fund for MBC. You will still receive $175.

The purpose of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of individuals battling breast cancer. It is not a medical study but for research purposes only. Information will be completely confidential and used to build better support for those with MBC. 

This is a win-win for both support and research.


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