little whims

Tonight when my husband got home from work, we talked about his day and my day. This was the first day since my chemo week that my feet had stopped burning and hurting even though they are still peeling like crazy. Still, because of the decrease in pain, I always feel like I can’t wait to get out. I am still feeling tired from the chemo, however, so I am not yet ready to hop on my scooter since I’m still a bit out of it. My husband can read every little signal from me, however. As soon as I had told him that the Long Beach Taste of Downtown was on tonight and tomorrow evening, he offered to take me. He got me in the car, drove me to the street fair, unfolded my walker and drove around for fifteen minutes to find a parking place while I bought tickets and sat on my walker to wait for him.

We walked around a bit to choose the food we wanted to sample, and before even a half hour passed, I was cold and wanted to get back inside the car to go back home. And that’s what we did. Marvin got the car, folded up my walker, packed me up inside and back home we went. It had hardly been an hour.

It’s times like this that I can’t thank my husband enough for catering to my little whims. He never complains, and he always takes the time to go get something special for me from the store or to take me somewhere I really want to go even when it’s a trip that to many would seem hardly worth the effort. I have to go thank him now, again, because I am really a lucky woman.

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3 responses to “little whims

  1. Blessed with wonderful men, we are!

  2. This is a lovely little story – it’s so clear from your words that’s he’s full of support and love for you. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. I loved hearing about another husband who is thoughtful of his wife.

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