NBCC’s President Fran Visco addresses accountability

The president of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) wrote an article in the Huffington Post today about the accountability of organizations and of individuals to breast cancer. She addresses a lot of the issues that we think about in the world of breast cancer and particularly the NBCC’s challenge to end breast cancer in 2020. If we are to see the end of breast cancer by the NBCC’s deadline, who will be responsible for escorting that agenda ahead, and how is that agenda being addressed. What are the challenges? Visco defines and addresses the issues that the NBCC is targeting with their challenge. Read more and learn more about these challenges.

  • the primary prevention of breast cancer and
  • preventing breast cancer metastasis, or the spread of the disease to other parts of the body, which is responsible for more than 90 percent of breast cancer deaths

Why Does Accountability Matter? By Fran Visco. In The Huffington Post 7-24-12

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One response to “NBCC’s President Fran Visco addresses accountability

  1. Donna,
    Thank you for pointing me to Fran’s piece in Huff Post. I wish NBCC and Deadline 2020 would formally restate their mission using wording like she used in her Boston Globe Op-Ed…

    Preventing the disease in the first place and stopping those who have the disease from dying.

    “Stopping mets” confuses me. Where do you fit in that equation? Maybe you have a better understanding of that language but when I was at the NBCC summit in May, many of the mets patients felt (again) like they were forgotten in that paradigm.

    Are they just words? Am I being hypersensitive or do you read stopping mets as including stopping further progression of in those who cancer has already metastasized.

    I hope this isn’t taken out of context…… I just really would like to know what you think since I have no right to an opinion but I surely respect and honor yours!


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