Cleaning for a Reason, a champ in this household

About a year ago I wrote about my experience with Cleaning for a Reason. At that time I had registered more than one time and received rejections that they could not find anyone to perform a cleaning for me. I finally gave up.

In early June this year I heard from them again. This time it was a notice that they had found a cleaning service that would provide me with a cleaning four times over the next four months. For someone like me who cannot push a vacuum, bend or twist, it was like winning a lottery. My husband does all the heavy housework in his spare time, and I do whatever I can, which amounts to sweeping with a light broom and extended dustpan like they use in restaurants and washing dishes in small batches. My husband washes the heavy pots and pans and also helps me when I cook when I need lifting power from one burner to another. Sometimes I dust and shine the glass dining room table.

To this date the cleaning service who is working with Cleaning for a Reason has come to our loft twice. My husband is grateful, and I am happy that my glass tables shine again along with our freshly mopped concrete flooring.

If you have tried to get on the list by registering and finding no success, I would recommend that you try again. I don’t know whether the administration has changed the way they make assignments, but I know that I finally found someone who will probably continue to come to my house in the future to clean on a regular basis. Before that happens, though I have two more free cleanings over the next two months. What a victory for this household.

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4 responses to “Cleaning for a Reason, a champ in this household

  1. Yay!!! Hanging in there helps and not giving up!

  2. That was a real blessing!

  3. Happy to hear you received the help. We wish we could fulfill every request, but we are limited to available cleaning companies. We sign on new cleaning companies every day. It pays to check back often if someone can’t get in. So glad we could help you out.
    Debbie Sardone
    Founder / Cleaning For A Reason

  4. I would love to work with Cleaning for a Reason soon.

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