ready, set, go and think about anything but tomorrow


My monthly meeting is tomorrow, and I am trying to stay relaxed as I realize we will be discussing the status of this chemo regimen. Naturally, I am keeping my fingers crossed; I cannot seem to think much about anything else.

In the meantime, we are having a heat spell in California as, even here at the shore we hit the nineties the last few days. I have always liked the heat, though, so most of the time I am fine with it and avoid using the air conditioning during the day. Usually, the fan is good enough. I remember when I taught dance, I liked dancing in the hot months. It seemed to keep the muscles always limber and ready for splits and leaps. And, it was a great time to play tennis, again, with that heat keeping the muscles ready to pounce in any direction. All I needed was a bandana for my head, a sweatband for my wrist and my jug of cool water, leotards or tennis dress, I was always ready to go.

Now, I spend my time on the sofa or reading and surfing at the computer, so the heat is less a stimulant for action than a memory jogger. At least, it is a far better thought to remember past activities than to think (worry) about whatever we might discuss tomorrow.

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6 responses to “ready, set, go and think about anything but tomorrow

  1. I try not to regret what i cant do anymore and focus on what i can do. However, i totally understand missing the healthier me! I have a very hard time accepting that that me is gone. I moarn that loss.

    Hope you get encouraging news today. The doctor apps are always double-edged…I want to hear good news but worry that it will be bad. I have another cat scan — that i begged for — in two months and I’m already worried about what it might show.

    Keep writing. You’re an inspiration in how to stay positive.

  2. Hope your meeting goes well, Donna.

  3. Donna…

    HUGS….. HUGS…….


  4. I like hearing about your dancing & tennis days…. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, with you, wondering about today’s appointment.


  5. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Keeping you in my heart today, as always, and anxious with and for you.

  6. Thinking of you….((((HUGS)))) and positive energy coming your way…hope it went well!! A lot of love coming your way also!!

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